Why Christmas Shopping All Year is a Huge Help

Why I think its a great idea to Christmas Shop all year! Here are several reasons why!

1. I like to give gifts that really fit the person. If I wait until 3 weeks before Christmas the chance of me finding that perfect gift is really difficult. By starting my shopping January 1st I can watch for the perfect gift and match it with sales and coupons. 

2. Budget- I find if I shop all during the year I stay on target with my budget. This helps me find sales and use coupons. There is something about Christmas music and the holiday season that makes me want to spend money when I walk into a store. To be honest I try to stay out of the stores during the holiday season. I do set a limit but by shopping all year I spread it out. 

3. Where do I keep the presents all year? By shopping during the year this allows me to wrap them as I go and then store them in secret places in my home. I love to wrap them and put pretty bows on them because it adds that extra touch I love. One thing I do not like is being stuck wrapping 2 weeks before Christmas. It just takes the fun out it. 

4. I like to avoid crowds. There is nothing I dislike more than shopping in crowds and being stuck in traffic. This is allowing me to spend more time entertaining and having friends and family over. 

5. I find when shopping during the Winter season everything has a Winter theme. I have a lot of friends that enjoy Summer items from candles to stationary. I love shopping the stationary sections during the year. 

6. There are going to be items that people want that only come out during the Christmas season and that is fine. I have no problem picking up those items or ordering them online. The key is I am not doing all of my shopping during this time period. 

7. The postal service and UPS can get backed up during the holiday season and I want to make sure my gifts arrive on time. I have run into problems in the past where I was promised the gifts would arrive on time only to have them arrive late. 

Here is a look at a few of these ideas explained in more details. Click below and be sure to Subscribe so you never miss out! 

I hope you have found these tips helpful and have fun shopping! 

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