Chocolate Delight Recipe

Chocolate Delight Recipe

This is one recipe you will want to make and then make again and again! My family loves this recipe and I have made it for the for years. Its so easy to put together and I can't until you have the opportunity to make it for your family and friends.

I love the opportunity to set my table with pretty dishes and serving something special my family loves. These are new dishes I recently purchased from HomeGoods and I love the black and white look.

The best part about being the cook is getting to clean up!

Steps needed to make this wonderful dessert are:
Make a chocolate cake of your choice
Make chocolate pudding
Make homemade whip cream or use cool whip. Homemade is so much better!

From that point you are going to layer all of the ingredients in your dish. It really is just that easy!

One important item to note is make sure your cake cools completely. If you put it in while the cake is still warm you might melt your pudding or whip cream.

Serve with a cold glass of milk and you are all set! Everyone I make this dish for just loves it and always request it again and again! Its a real hit at every party I attend.

I hope you enjoyed. Be sure to click the video link below to see all the steps needed. I hope you will take a minute to Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you never miss out!

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