A Day in the Life August View

We have come to an end to August but I must tell you this is my favorite time of year! This weekend is Trey's birthday and then in two weeks its Dallas' birthday! I love celebrating my son and daughters birthdays!

I also love that the flowers are still fresh and smell amazing. As I get older I really understand the meaning of "Take time to smell the roses." I love to go out for my long walks and just smell the fresh air. Its a great time for prayer and to refresh your mind.

I also love to have fresh flowers around my home. There is something about the wonderful scent and look of fresh flowers.

Talking about all things flowers I love that this month was a great month to see my favorite flower, white & pink Hydrangeas. In the last two years this has become my favorite flower. I love everything about them!

I am 100% in celebration mode. I really want to make the most out of this weekend and then again when Dallas comes home. I have all things Kate Spade in mind when thinking about her visit since she loves all things Kate Spade!

We decided to surprise Trey with an early Birthday dinner and celebration! Join us and take a look below as we go along.

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