Day One of Trip with Shopping

Hello and welcome to my blog,

If you have been following me on my youtube channel you know that I have had a busy week with two back to back business trip. This trip involved flying way up north and for this little southern girl thats a big deal! So lets go!

We had two separate flights and thank goodness for movies which made the flight go by very fast. It was really neat to just slide your credit card and have your movie start right in front of you. The movie on the other hand I watched was not good at all but at least the time went by. I won't mention the movie because I am embarrassed to even admit I thought it would be funny!

Once we arrived to the hotel I walked next door to the mall that was attached. I wanted to share some photos of items I just loved. If I was on a shopping sphere with an endless budget these items would be in that purchase! 

Ok maybe not this life size bird cage but it was pretty cool. 

I actually just put a bench at my kitchen table and I cannot wait to share it with you in my family room makeover. 

This was my special treat I purchased for myself. Thank goodness Eddie talked me into it because I almost didn't purchase it because it was a little more than what I would like to pay but I just loved it!

Hello black and white stripes and I don't want to leave out the gold polka dots! I just love this look!

Looks like I need to throw a party just so I can purchase these invitations! I would have a Youtube party for all of my subscribers to say a huge thank you for how wonderful you all are!

I love these napkins with the green color and white. I am going to keep my eye out for these in my home town for a better price.

Wow these are fun! Not sure how they would fit with my decor but fun!

This is such a beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers but would you believe they were $80.00! Wow, lets fill them up with gold and sprinkles for that price! 

When I purchased my napkin holder that lady was so sweet and wrapped it for me! It was fun to come back to the hotel and open up my special present!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and click below to see the video of my trip! I have lots of fun footage to share with you!

Youtube video

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