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If you follow me on Instagram I posted this weekend that I was sitting down to work on my upcoming post with both my Youtube and Blog. I love putting topics and information together that others enjoy and find helpful. I have so many things in mind with July 4th just around the corner!

This week I have to share the great new pens and pencils that Target has in their dollar section. They are perfect for Summer with the pink/gray and green/gray color scheme. Best of all the pink matches my planner from Plum Paper. The green matches my new clear desk mat that I recently shared a tutorial on. You can see more on the desk top pad tutorial here

I love the cover I picked out for my Plum Paper Planner and I will go into more details below and in my video. 

The first set of pens come in a pack of two and have a pink and gray color scheme. I love the pretty colors together and it matches the planner like they were made for each other. 

They also have a set of four pencils. The easers are great and I love the side hook on each which allow me to clip to my planner. 

They have a set of 6 gel pens with bright colors to allow for lots of planning. 

Then there is the green and gray set of pens. They come in a pack of 2 and I love the colors. This also matches my new desk top perfectly. I go into more details in my video on why creating a colorful clean space is so important. 

This is the set of 4 green and gray pencil set. Again they have all the features I like with the pink pencils. 

Now lets talk about the planner from Plum Paper. The Plum Paper Planner is designed by a stationery company and I purchased my planner from Etsy. They have several different styles from everyday calendars to fitness, wedding, and meal planners. I love that I was able to pick my cover style and I had my initials and name placed on the front cover. 

When you open the cover you have a 2015 and 2016 at a glance calendar. I love the color theme through out the planner. My planner is a bound spiral style with a thick metal coil. I was very pleased with how it came packages. 

I always keep a clip on each week with an additional note papers to allow me to make notes and take with me. This could be my last minute grocery list or to do items. It makes a big difference to have it at my fingertips. 

Each page has the month ready to go with a place to put your notes. I like to put my personal notes in place and see if I can meet my goals. This can range from fitness to blog goals. 

I love the folder in the back that allows me to keep extra items I might need. 

I also have a 3 year date layout in the back which is perfect for someone like me that loves to plan for upcoming holiday parties.  I love an advance notice that allows me to put together a party!

Green set of pencils and pens ready to go! 

Pink pencils and pens are ready to work! Lots of ideas to start writing with this! 

My page layout goes from a morning, mid day, and evening set up. I like this set up for my video planning and workout schedule. Again I use my iPad planner for my business items. 

Just a perfect match! Hope you will be able to pick up your pens before they are gone! Take a look below for ideas on an inspiring workspace!

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