Homemade Hamburger Helper Recipe

This is a recipe I promised to share once I received my new oven so here we go! There is nothing easier than Homemade Hamburger Helper. My husband and son really enjoy boxed Hamburger Helper but I do not like it so I wanted to put something together that we would all enjoy.

I came up with this very easy homemade recipe and we all love it! All you need is:


Spagetti Sauce

Alfredo Sauce


Brown your meat and cook pasta as per box directions. This is just like if you were making

 spaghetti with noodles. 

After you cook your meat you will drain it. Also drain your noodles once cooked.

Then put both back in their pans and pour one sauce in each.

You will then combine the meat/sauce to the noodles/sauce and mix well.

This has such a fresh and homemade taste that your family will love! 

You will love how good this is and I promise your family will go back for seconds.

Best of all, the left overs are just as good the next day!

Watch this video to see the step by step details on how to make!

Hope you enjoyed todays post!


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