Hobby Lobby, New Stove, & Loft Haul

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I stopped by Hobby Lobby this week to look for pieces to finish off my Living Room project. My Hobby Lobby has an area in the 
store they put discount items but this shopping trip I found clearance marked items on the row they belonged on. 

I am very excited about the items I picked up so here is a look.

     Perfect Serving Tray    

 I was very excited about this tray I found marked down for $3.00. I love the black white look along the sides and the center is there perfect pop of color. 

It looks great sitting on my ottoman with the gold vase and white flowers. 

The next item I picked up was this little chest for $2.40. I love having it parked up with the larger case. I could not believe it was only $2.40!

Perfect Treasure Chest

The next item was the large canister. Its gold with glass around the trim. I paid $14.00 for it and I think its the perfect addition. 

Touch of Gold Elegance

Its fun to see the item in the store and have an idea of what it might look like and then put it in its new place to see that its perfect.

The Loft Fashion

Ann Taylor Loft stores have an extra 40% off their clearance items and I picked up three great shirts this week. Two of them are shown below. You can also see the actual shirts I purchased in my video link below. 

You can click here for the link to my shirt- LINK

Click here for link to my shirt- LINK
All photos pulled from the Ann Taylor Loft site. 

Hope you enjoy this video to see all the pieces in their place along with the clothing haul. 

Click the video link below to see a view of todays haul! I know you will really enjoy! Don't forget you can Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you never miss a video. 

Hope you enjoyed todays post! Leave me a comment on what your favorite deal you found this week was. 

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