Friday Tip Day- Washi Tape Ideas

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Here is a fun idea I want to share with you on this Friday Tip Day so you can work on this project over the weekend!

I have an idea to share with you that I know you will love. We have been running into an issue with not knowing which charger cord belongs to which person and someones cords always goes missing. Here is an idea to help you solve this problem. 

Start off my visiting hobby Lobby and purchasing Washi Tape that would work for both male and female owners. I went with black, brown, and gold theme as you can see below. 

Since this tape is so thin you can wrap your headphones up and never wonder which pair belong to you. I went with the brown and cream scalloped theme on all my pieces. 

One more reason why I love this idea is I travel on business and attend a lot of meetings. Someone always needs to borrow a changer an I am happy to help. With marking your base and cord you will always know which charger is yours. 

I love the way this turned out because I can use it or my husband would even be comfortable using it. Again, I tried to go with patterns that worked for both of us. No flowers or cute pink polka dots for him!

It only cost me about $2.00 once I used my coupon from Hobby Lobby to solve this issue. Pick all of your favorite colors and just have fun with this project.

Take a look here at the how to video which I am sure you will enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! 


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