Custom DIY Office Desk Mouse Pad

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Here’s a quick project to spruce up your computer desk! I have been in need of a new mouse pad but I wanted something with a pop of color to match my home office.  So I decided to experiment a little and see if I could make my own. I love how it turned out and can’t wait to share all the details with you!

All that you will need is a mouse pad, scissors, fabric, and spray glue.  You can easily pick these items up on sale or use coupons as shops like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

Desk Update

I love the way this project turned out. I also previously posted a video tutorial and blog post on the customs desk pad that also matches the mouse pad. Click here to see- post

Start by laying your fabric over your mouse pad to measure the amount you will need. Cut the correct size and have on hand ready to lay over the pad once the glue is sprayed. Spray a nice amount of glue over the pad and gently lay your fabric over the pad. Rub the fabric from side to side with a credit card to help take out the bubbles. Allow it to dry overnight before using. 

Just that easy to add a custom piece to your desk! This is something you could change out each season because it's not expense. 

Click the photo link below to watch the tutorial! 

Hope you enjoyed! 

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