4th of July Ice Cream Bar

Happy 4th of July! 

This 4th of July I will have my Ice Cream Bar out again because its always such a big hit. Here is a look at how my station is set up. You can easily set this up at your home and your guest will have so much fun making their own ice cream bowl!

Having an Ice Cream Bar set up allows you to keep moving forward with the day without having to stop and serve dessert. It also lets your guest have fun making their own dessert and be part of the action!

I place my the extra dishes on the bottom of my cart so there is always a chance for anyone to pick up a bowl or cup and make what they would like.

This year I am going with fresh fruit and sprinkles. I am keeping with the red, white, and blue color theme but going a little healthy!

I am also going to have a Root Beer Float station to allow guest to make their own float. Just before time to serve I will pour the Root Beer into the blue pitcher. The ice cream is just to the left and they can fill their cup with as much as they would like.

I picked up the little miniature photo frames from Michaels in their $1.50 section just this month.

The little silver spoons are from the Dollar Tree and you can get a pack of 24 for a $1.00. What an awesome deal! These spoons really do look like miniature sterling silver spoons.

The blue bucket came from Target this past week and its in the dollar section and priced at $3.00. I also picked up the white bucket for more ice cream if needed.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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