World Market Rose Soap

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This past week I purchased this very pretty box of soap. They are roses and each petal is made for you to take off the rose and use as soap. I must tell you I do not plan to use as soap because they are just so pretty. I did test one and it works fine but I just love the look of them.


 I almost wanted to keep them in the box because I love all the colors together. There are four different shades of pink to the darkest shade which is almost a red toned. I love the lightest shade which I call a ballet pink.

I placed three of them in my master bathroom in my dressing area. I think they are so pretty sitting on this candle pedestal that I purchased at Bath and Body Works a few years ago. 

I also placed a few in this dish which belonged to my Grandmother. I think its such a beautiful touch to my dresser in my master bedroom. Just a pop of color. 

 I also placed several on a dish in my guest bathroom upstairs. I love the pop of color against the brown, black, and cream color scheme.

I picked up the bird soup tray at World Market also on the same day. I believe it was $4.99. 

Take a look at the video below which tells you more about my shopping trip! 

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