Project Kitchen Drawer Clean-Out

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As you have seen from a previous post I had a few weeks ago I am working on a deep Summer cleanup project. With school out and no more late nights of homework I want to really enjoy my Summer nights. I want to be able to go for long walks after work or to the gym without having to worry about lots of messy choirs. To help me with this I am working on a complete cleanup of everything in my home. 

Here is a look into my kitchen drawer cleanup! 

My most used drawer is next to my stove.....which by the way in two weeks I will have a new stove and I am so very excited! I have placed these storage bins in the drawer to help keep everything straight and organized. I picked them up from Target. 

I highly recommend that once a year you go through your kitchen towels and make sure you have fresh new towels ready to be used. 

We take our lunch to work almost everyday and I like bringing my own silverware so of course I have containers to help keep them straight. 

Take a look at the video below so get more great ideas for your kitchen! 

Hope you enjoyed!

Hope you enjoyed todays post! 


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