Pinterest Inspired Art Summer Project for You or the Kids

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I am always so inspired by Pinterest and how creative everyone is that post their ideas and DIY projects. I have decided to bring new blog and Youtube ideas your way from projects I try from Pinterest. I am sure I will be surprised at how some of this turnout. I love to see the side by side pictures where someone saw it on Pinterest and then they made it. Wow, what a difference.....a very funny difference.  This will be the first project so fingers crossed on how this goes for me. It's the perfect project for you home or for the kids to put together over Summer!

You will need:
Paint Chips
art canvas
paper shape cutter

I never have a problem picking out paint chips from my local hardware store. 

Pick the design you want and start designing! I did not go by a pattern but simply thought it would look awesome if the butterflies looked like they were taking off in flight as a group. 

After a quick search on Pinterest, I noticed how popular Paint Chip Designs are. There are so many to pick from so don't worry if you feel like you are not creative with design. I love the way this project turned out. It was very easy.

I hope you enjoy this video to see just how to put this together with step by step instructions. The video will really help you see just how fun and easy this is. The kids would love to put something like this together and what a fun gift for the grandparents! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post! 

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