Day 6 of Our Cruise on the Oasis of the Seas

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Here is a look into day 6 of our vacation. I know I have said this many times but WOW what a trip!
Take a look at the video link below to see all the fun we had on day 6.

Our morning started off with a parade on the 5th floor. The costumes and characters were just amazing!

The we were off to lunch and take a couple of pictures around the ship. I loved that there was art work all around the ship. No space was left blank or plain. 

Of course we went for an afternoon tea in the Champagne Bar which was our favorite place to sit before dinner. 

We made a quick stop to purchase a ring Eddie found for me. I was so surprised he picked out something that was perfect for me! Great job Eddie!

We went to lunch at Johnny Rockets again. There is a charge but for $5.95 a person and all you can eat i think it really is worth every penny! 

Had to have a fun photo with Johnny Rocket himself as we were leaving! 

For dinner we ate at Giovanni's Table. It was very good and lots of fun. 

The restaurant was so pretty with candles on all the tables and such a soft glow. 

The dessert station was wonderful!

Of course you can always stop for late night pizza on deck five 24 hours a day! 

Kate Spade store was always fun to look in! 

Hope you enjoyed day 6 with us! Always feel free to let me know if you have questions. 

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Day 5 of Our Cruise on the Oasis of the Seas

Welcome to my Blog....

I think day 5 was my favorite day of our vacation! Thats a hard statement to make since the trip was just amazing! Take a look at the video below to see all the fun we had.

Day 5 was Wednesday for us and we spent the day in St. Maarteen. It was my favorite stop and I can not wait to go back!

From the minute we pulled in and I took a look from our balcony I just knew I loved it. The water was stunning and the clouds looked like someone painted them in the sky. 

We seemed to always start our meetings in the Champagne Bar and that would be our meeting point. We loved getting a coffee or hot tea on that floor and sit until we were ready to get off the ship. I loved the Champagne Bar because during the day it was empty. 

If you think the photos are full of beautiful colors, you should see it in person! Here are a few photos of us and the island. 

There is a wifi business where you can purchase 30 minutes for $5.00 right off the ship. 

This was one of my favorite parts- we saw a cloud in the shape of a heart as we were leaving. 

I would recommend getting back on the ship before everyone else returns if you do not have an excursion so you can enjoy the ship. Its the perfect time to tour the ship and take photos or sit in the pools. We did both!

Here we are in the Champagne Bar again before dinner! The kids had the unlimited drink package which I would recommend. They had so much fun getting drinks!

We had dinner at Izumi and loved it! Make sure you make your reservations well ahead of time! 

Then we were on our way for a show that night. Make sure you stop by the carousel for a ride! You are never to old to ride.

After that nights show we stopped in for a late night 3D movie which was so much fun. Make sure you take lots of pictures so you can remember all the fun you had!!!

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