New Orleans Saturday Sites to See

I planned a Saturday full of fun events for us because I love to just get a way on the weekends since we both work so hard during the week. Here is a look into our full day~ Hope you enjoy.

We started off with breakfast at Starbucks with coffee and yummy treats. I love to find a corner and just relax with a cup of coffee. Perfect to visit with Eddie or bring work that needs to be done on my blog and Youtube channel 

Our first stop in New Orleans was to Sucre which is a well known bakery that makes the most unbelievable treats.

Then we stopped in for lunch at Chartres House. It was good but took over an hour to get our lunch and casual dining really fits the atmosphere. Its more of a bar with 3 sides of the walls open to the street and very loud. The crawfish bread was great!

I wanted to visit the St Louis Church but even though I called and was told we could it ended up being closed for a wedding. The outside was amazing!

We were able to visit the Ursuline Convent which was amazing to see in person. I hope the video helped capture the beauty of this building. 

The grounds were so pretty. I would love to have this in my back yard and wake up to it everyone morning. 

We had dinner at the Commanders Palace. I highly recommend you make reservations which we did and were able to be seated very quickly. It was wonderful. 

 This is how they wrapped up our left over items. Its a little swan which I thought was such a cute touch and special way to end the night.

The dessert items are something they are known for and I can see why. They were over the top good!

We had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend all the stops we visited!!!!

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