Master Bathroom Storage Ideas When You Are Limited On Space

My home does not have one linen closet in it and I can not image what the builder thought when he designed it this way. I have had to get creative with how I can store my linens and towels. If you have the same issue as I with no linen closet or limited storage, I hope this post helps. 

My goal is to have my master bathroom have a spa like feeling that I can enjoy and relax in. I work hard all day and all week and the one thing I look forward is having a nice master bathroom to enjoy at the end of a busy day. 

I love my C Wonder Initial Box to hold special items. I keep it right on the bathroom counter to hold little items that I need to get my hands on daily. I love the pop of orange color with the gold accents. I don't think you can pick these up any more but Homegoods always has something like it. 

Just by adding a chandelier can add a relaxing feeling. You can find them in all price ranges. I can not believe the difference it made from the standard builder grade light fixture. I picked this one up at Lowes and I love everything about it. 

As I mentioned we do not have a linen closet in our master bathroom but this sitting bench worked out great for storage. The two drawers allow me to store towels. Each one actually holds 6-8 towels. Always look at furniture in a new way! 

I love having candles in my master bathroom. They smell amazing, and the soft candle light makes such a difference in setting the mood, so it's beautiful and relaxing. I picked this little tray up at Target in an after Christmas sale. Also, the little white jar holds my cotton balls and came from that same sale. I still can not figure out how it fits in with Christmas, but I love it. 

I have the candle sitting on a little ceramic cupcake holder. I love how cute it is. They came in a set of four and since I don't make cupcakes very often I like to still keep it out and enjoy it. 

This cabinet that I picked up from Hobby Lobby allows me to store all of my extra tissue paper. I also picked up baskets in the same color family to put the tissue in so it looks cleaner through the glass. I love the look and the idea of extra storage. 

I have shared before but I love to have a white robe hanging. It just gives that feeling of how relaxed you are going to be when you step out of that hot bath. 

Add a special touch to the back of the toliet. I know its not a pretty area to begin with so lets add a few things to make it pretty. This helps the focus not be on the toilet and I find that it softens the area. 

Light switches can make all the difference! I found these at Hobby Lobby and love how they add so much character to the room. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

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