Target $1.00 Haul for Spring and Easter

Now is the perfect time to rush out to Target and see what your $1.00 Bins have in stock. Here is a look at some of the great items I found.

I would start by taking a look at my complete haul here:

All of Target's Valentines items are 75%-90% off so I picked up this candy for $1.00. I plan to take the candy and put in our Media Room to have on hand for movie nights. 

These are chalk sticks which I plan to use on my buffet for Easter Brunch. They are so cute and only $1.00!

I love this gold striped clip board that I picked up for $1.00. It reminds me of Kate Spade. 

The pens and pencils are perfect for Spring. These would also be cute in Easter baskets. 

I love the look of colored straws in the mason jars for juice. I could not pick up just one pack so I purchase all four. Why not since they are only $1.00 each!

Hobby Lobby has their items 66% so I picked these up for $1.25. They will be perfect for next year. 

These paper clips are perfect for my home office desk. I love how they are in a tiny container and already labeled.

This is the perfect medicine box for traveling or to keep in your purse. This was also in the $1.00 station .

I love how the new items add to my gold look for my home office desk. You can easily create this look on a budget.

Have a great weekend!


Saturday Day Trip

Sometimes its fun to just pack up for the day and take a day trip which is what we did Saturday. Here is a look into our entire day.

I love getting away for the day instead of sitting around the house. Life is short and I am a big believer you should live each moment and make it as full as possible.

My Sweet Valentine's date! 

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! 


Guest Jar for Your Guest Bathroom

I love entertaining and have guest visit. My goal is to always have my guest feel comfortable and my home be their home away from home. Take a look at this tip below for an idea on how you can help you guest feel special!

                                       Its the little things that can help your guest feel special!

I love the look of the finished jar and your guest will also.

Clean white towels always give that spa like feeling that can make anyone feel special. I love having white towels out for my guest.

I hope you enjoyed this idea!

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