DIY Gold Candle Accent Makeover Idea

I recently refinished a desk that I gave a makeover and I love the finish look. Here is a picture of the before:

And here is the after picture. I love how this turned out and now its one of my favorite pieces in my home. This was such a special find and would you believe I only paid $50.00 for it. Be sure to check out my video below to here the special story behind the desk!

I use this as my home office desk and I wanted to add a touch of gold accents without taking up a lot of space. So here is what I put together.

I re-purposed my candle jars to give them the gold accent that I needed.

I also made one to go in my guest bathroom to add just a touch of sparkle. You can also see my bathroom makeover on my Youtube channel at Mrs. Erica.

Take a look at this video as I give you step by step directions on how to make this for your home! If you enjoy I hope you will subscribe to my YouTube channel for many more ideas!

Hope you enjoyed this project!
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