Shrimp Fest 2014 Run Gulf Shores

This was our 2nd time taking part in the Gulf Shores Shrimp Fest Run because its one of our favorites. I am sure we will be there again next year and the years to come. We live about an hour and half away so we left at about 5:30am so we could arrive on time. Here we are loading up in the car.

Here we are getting ready to line up and pictures from the start of the race.

#164 felt like a lucky number!

All three of us took part in this. Its the perfect event for runners and walkers.

Runners lining up!

That's my Trey getting ready.

They had a drone above us taking pictures and followed us at the start of the race. It was a little different having this fly above us.

The following pictures are from the path of the run. I am not going to comment after everyone but you can just see the amazing view.

Yes, I know my time could have been better if I wasn't so busy taking pictures but this run has such a great view I just had to share. Plus I really take part in this one for the view.

I love the little bridges we run over!

They did a great job with the water stations. They ladies were so nice and they had two separate spots for us to get water. Very pleased!

They also did a great job making sure we knew which direction to go at all turns.

I was so pleased how this run was perfect for runners and walkers. Everyone was so supportive no matter which one you were. Here is my sweet Eddie crossing the finish line!

After the run there were tents set up with lots of food.

We were hot and ready for a rest after our run.

I believe next year I am bringing one of the large beach umbrellas to sit under while we cool down. It really did heat up and there was little shade but still lots of fun.

Interesting fact about me, I lift my big toe when I run. Look how I have a this hole in my shoe. All of my running shoes have this hole in them in the same spot. Strange......

Then we went home showered and went out to dinner after a hard day of running!

Awesome race and I highly recommend it! We cant wait until next year!

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