Old Navy Vest and Outfit of the Day

One of my favorite items I picked up last year was my two vest from Old Navy. I love how you can pair this up and wear in so many different ways. I was going to wear the green vest today but the weather heated up very quickly so I went with the scarf and shirt only but I had to share how cute it can be with the vest.

This scarf is really special because Trey won it for me during a college sorority visit with Dallas. He had to go up and get it from the girls and they just feel in love with him. He loved the fact I was wearing the scarf he won for me!

I am wearing my white 3/4 sleeve shirt from Ann Taylor. Jeans are also from Ann Taylor and my shoes are Tory Burch wedges.

Here it is paired with the green vest from Old Navy. I love that it has a quilted look and zipper side pockets.

You can wear it zipped or unzipped for two different looks.

I actually love the look of the cream vest with the white shirt.

So many different ways to wear them from casual to a dressed up look. If you can find them I would make sure to purchase one. I am on the hunt for the hot pink one that I missed out on last year. I can not believe I did not purchase it because its so cute!

Hope you have a wonderful week and I leave you with this quote/verse. Live your life in a way that the sun will shine from you and do not let anyone put a shade of negativity over it. May you be happy and hopefully your happiness will rub off on them!

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