Healthy Cauliflower Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I have worked very hard to stick to a healthy clean eating plan this week and I am so pleased with my results but then Friday night comes around and you just want to grab a Papa Johns pizza with a movie and call it a night. I am NOT throwing away all of my hard work from the week on one night of pizza!! So it was time for me to put together my healthy version of pizza with the cauliflower crust and I tried a new twist with our favorite buffalo chicken recipe. My family loves buffalo chicken in any form.

I start by making my cauliflower crust which you can find the recipe here.

Once I have the crust made I spread my ranch dressing over the top like you would your red pizza sauce. Then I add my mozzarella cheese.

In a separate bowl I take my shredded chicken. I pick up a cooked chicken from Target and shred to help me with time. In that bowl I add 1/2 of buffalo sauce with the chicken until coated. I then add that on top of the crust.

I then topped with a little more cheese. The key here is to keep your calories low and trick with eye with a small coating of cheese so it looks like a very cheesy pizza. I also topped with chopped green onions.

This pizza was a huge hit and my family loved it! My son has no idea what the crust is made from and told me he loved this type of bread!!! I love that he thinks its bread and he is really having healthy cauliflower!

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