First Baublebar Purchase

I have several statement necklaces and love wearing them with so many outfits but this is the first time I have purchased something from Baublebar. I must say I am 100% happy with this site, their emails, the packaging, and the product. They get an A+ from me.

This is a necklace I picked up for my daughter and it is so pretty. I waited for the Friday special so I was able to purchase it for $18.00 with free shipping! Each week they seem to run a $10 special and a second special where the prices is just amazing. Here is a look at my purchase.

The packaging was very nice and made it such a great gift.

This is a yellow JCrew dress she has just to show as an example of how it just pops but I also paired it with her black dress and emerald green dress. Such a pretty necklace.

I love the stones that give it such a delicate look but yet allow it to pop.

She wanted me to keep the free gift because she knows I enjoy small delicate pieces to layer with my larger pieces. This was my free gift since it was my first time to order from them. What a nice touch!

Would love to have you use my link to sign up with them. Just click here. My code is 9607444. I hope you enjoy your new purchase as much as I have!

Have you ordered anything from Baublebar?

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