Day Two of Shopping in Atlanta

We started our day having lunch at California Pizza which has the best pizza! We loved it so much that I almost forgot to take the picture. Trey and I shared the cheese and half pineapple/pepperoni. I love this pizza and wish we had one in my home town.

This was a 2nd one we all split which was also very good.

After lunch we did a more shopping in that mall before heading out to the highlight of the day.

I picked Trey up some of the lush soaps.

This was the all natural lip scrub from Lush. Its a fun item to try but not something I would purchase again.

I love these arrangements that are sold at ZGallerie. You can not tell from this picture but if I stood next to them it would come up just under my hip. They gray and silver was so pretty.


I feel in love with this jacket that looks like a must have Fall item. Every store ad I see to show upcoming fall fashions has this style jacket.

The back of the jacket had the cutest ruffle which I loved.

Lunch was great with the Birthday boy!

After lunch it was time for a great snack.

I would recommend the mall of Georgia if you take a visit. I found this very cute watch for Dallas and I can not wait to bring it to her soon!

Also picked up a couple of Guerlain items and I would highly recommend this makeup line. I love it!

Then we were off to Tory Burch and I was so excited. Here is a look at our visit.

We had such an amazing time at this mall and found so many items I just loved! Your husband knows its trouble when he walks in the store and they offer him a chair and something to drink! Loved it!

On our way to dinner in Downtown Atlanta we ran into Digicon that was going on and there were hundreds and hundreds of people walking the streets in costumes. A real site to see.

If you are in Downtown Atlanta you have to eat at Legal's Seafood and have the crab soup. Its amazing!!!

We had a great weekend Birthday getaway and I would highly recommend a visit to Atlanta and their great malls!!! 

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