The Start to Birthday Weekend!

Its an exciting weekend for us because our Trey turns 13 on Saturday! He is such a fan of Airsoft so we took him to Atlanta, Georgia to shop at a large Airsoft store. They have a couple large stores and in our city we have nothing like it so its a special weekend for him. Also you can not pass on the malls here...wow they are great. Here is a look into our first day with the trip.

Since we had 6 hours to find something to keep us busy we had a lot of fun with selfies!!!

How did we ever take long road trips before cell phones and pictures!!!

Then we made it and saw that Atlanta skyline....what a view!

We made it to the Airsoft store after a six hour drive and we were ready to shop!

After looking for about a hour he found the one he wanted and he was so excited. I loved how he took such care asking the employees such detailed questions so he could purchase the right one.

This place was great because they even took him in the back to cover several things with him about the gun.

Now on our way to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and I can not wait to share those details with you! I did have to share this Starbucks I just loved.

Keep an eye out for many more pictures to follow as I share the great weekend we had!

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