Day at the Mall as Part of our Trip

We started our day with a packed schedule with the idea to hit one more Airsoft store, Perimeter Mall, and the bottom floor of Lenox Mall. Here we are on our way out of the hotel.

This is the birthday boy on his actual birthday and he was excited!

My sweet love is always such a great sport to take on a day of shopping, traffic, and tons of people while Atlanta was so busy during the holiday weekend. This weekend was the Chick fil a game and the Dragoncon with everyone in costume all around downtown. Wild outfits!

The boys found the Apple store at each of the malls we stopped at and I love that they have all the products out for a hands on try.

Hello love....................

This was one of the center carts in the mall which was so pretty with all the colors.

Had to make a stop at Zara where I found a shirt to wear with leggings this winter. By the way, we ran into The Limited where I found the sweater I have on because several stores were freezing!

Always have to stop at the huge Nike store!

This was our first time trying Sprinkles Cupcakes and they were very yummy.

I had the vanilla bean which was great.

Trey had the Strawberry Vanilla.

This was the first time we made a purchase at the Lush store. I actually picked up two items for Trey and a lip scrub for me which I will show below.

We went into the ZGallerie and I feel in love the very minute I stepped in. I just love this store!

The buckle bracelet was amazing! Its an over the top piece and not something I would wear in my everyday life but its perfect for the vacations we enjoy taking.

I love how we have fun every where we go and I take in every moment because they go so quickly!

Then we were off to C Wonder which I really like but not as much as Tory Burch of course!!

Ok here is my bee look as Trey called it.

This was my 1950's look as he called it.

This was my Top Gun look but happy to say I did not go with any of them!

Very happy with my purchase of a new item I have wanted for sometime now.

I love their bags!

I have had my eye on this box for months and I was so happy to pick it up in person. I have the perfect spot for it as soon as we get home.

This is the shirt I picked up from Zara and I loved it. The best part is the back of it which is below. The writing is around the back of the neck.

The one item that was a must that I had to pick up was the Guerlain Meteorites. I am so happy I picked these up because I already love them.

Here is a little idea of what they will do.....

Look at the case they come in, its going to be so pretty sitting in my makeup area.

Trey made one more Airsoft stop for more birthday goodies! We are really excited for tomorrow's stops because there might be a Tory Burch stop along the way!

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