The Food Network Show Came to Visit

This past weekend the Food Network Show came to our city and it was all the talk. We really wanted to check it out since we are such huge Food Network fans. Here is a little run down of the day.

rain, rain, and more rain!

As you can see the weather was not the kind of weather you would want when it comes to standing in line to sample food but everyone hung in there with their umbrellas.

The weather finally stopped for a bit so we quickly jumped in line to start sampling.

This was the line to the right of us....................

This was the line to the left of us! As you can see the crowds were out and ready to sample.

Of course this is me after standing in the rain.

So much fun to see the camera crews.

I will say a lot of people did not like the prices so that was one negative I heard in the crowd. If you want to try multiple items from the three different trucks it can get expensive very fast.

We had the perfect spot in line so if it started to rain Trey could just slide in the little hideaway and stay dry! Isn't he just the cutest!!!

Fighting the rain!

Ok here is where my little bit of a complainant comes in. It was suppose to start at noon and by 1:50 Trey and Dallas were so hungry I sent them to the ice cream shop for milk shakes. The trucks were really running behind on time. We finally gave up and left to go get lunch. I am sad to say we never had the chance to try any of the food. The crowd was yelling, "Food, food, food." Everyone was pretty hungry.

No fear because Mellow Mushroom had yummy pizza waiting for us! Overall we are really happy we had the opportunity to see the filming and crew. Just wished we could have tasted the food that smelt so good!

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