How Bright is Your Light?

There are a couple of reasons I started my blog back in 2011. I wanted to share running and health tips as I took part in half marathon runs because running was something new to me. I wanted to post photos of  my life and help inspire others to take in every minute with your sweet kids and husband. I love sharing recipes both healthy and those you would not eat everyday :). I love sharing vacation photos to help others know about the type of trip we took from a cruise to Disney World. I love sharing things about fashion and beauty products. As you can see I like to cover several topics but the one I want to share today is just a thought on how to make a difference in the world. Something as small as a smile.

My daughter took a cashier position at a very well known retail store for the summer while she is home from college. Great way to build her bank account before returning to school because we would really rather she not work during the year and stay focused on her studies. I feel the Lord has blessed me so I want to turn around and bless her by helping with school so she comes out with no debt from college. This summer job is helping her have "fun" money.

Its amazing when she comes home and shares with me how people treat the cashiers. Some of course are very nice, some don't speak and act like they do not see the cashier except to make their payment, and then there are the "others." The "others" are the people that could not find a front row parking spot or could not find the items they needed. The "others" are the ones that came in the store made at the world. They of course take out their frustrations on the poor cashier.

You come in contact with a cashier for about 2-5 minutes and you have no idea what their story might be. My daughters story is she is such an amazing young lady that is going to college full time to be prepared for the life and hopefully make a difference in the world.

One cashier might be that single mom that would give you the shirt off her back as she works two jobs to help put food on her table. What if the next time we went in her line we really took a minute to say hello and gave her a smile. After she rang up the items if we said thank you and looked her in the eyes to let her know we appreciate her. Yes this might be her job but why not let your light shine and help brighten hers!

Now I know there are those people on the other side that might not be pleasant but what if we treated them the same way with a smile. Would they smile back because of it.......well lets try it and see! It cant hurt, right. Lets work together to help spread a smile!

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