Graduation Day

This past year I took part in the most amazing program with my city as part of a Leadership Program for up and coming leaders in the city. I would highly recommend that you should look into a program like this in your city. I thought I knew everything about my city but was amazed how much new information I now have. This program is one that you have to have your new submitted by someone that would recommend you. Then you go for an interview and only 40 or so people will be selected. I felt honored to be one of them.

Here is a look at graduation day!

I had the opportunity to meet so many new people. The fun part of this is the program tries to pick people from different career fields. We had attorneys from different fields, a police office, a deputy, real estate, banking, construction, vice presidents, doctors, and so on. Just an amazing opportunity to meet so many different people.

This was the day of our graduation. I wanted to grab pictures from as many people from my group because they were just such fun people.

We are in our seats waiting to make our presentation on our project we were assigned.

This was the morning of the graduation as we were walking out the door!

Above was my group making our presentation before the class. I was very pleased with the job we did and the amazing job the other groups also did.

This was one of the other groups giving their presentation. Each group was given a topic to help better out city.  I just cant explain what an amazing experience this was and I walked away with so much more knowledge about my great City!

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