Surprise of the Night!

My company started a program with an Education Initiative that I had the great opportunity to help put together and over see. Tonight we were invited to an event which to our surprise we were named The Partner of the Year! It was such an exciting night and here are a few pictures of the fun!

Here we are on the drive there. I was so happy that Eddie and Trey were able to join me. Of course would have loved having Dallas but she was finishing her day coming back home for the summer.

Just before walking in we had the chance to view the beautiful antique cars.

My handsome gentleman!

We were very honored to receive this award. I have enjoyed working on a project where the sweetest kids were involved and teachers that love their jobs! They go to work each day in hopes to make a difference in a child's life.

I feel so blessed to have a job that I never wake up feeling like I have to go to work. Each day brings me the new opportunity to try and make a difference!

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