A Look into a Week of Activities

I enjoyed sharing a fitness and meal plan recap for the month of April. Every couple of days I tried to blog and share a recap of our meals and my fitness. As the month went by I found I was able to really cut out the fast food which of course saves calories and money! It was eye opening to see the lack of all the right things but definitely helped me get on track. You should see how much I am working out now and getting my runs in. I would highly recommend tracking your fitness and meals for one month and you would be really surprised. With our half marathon just around the corner in a few months I need to get those miles in. We are doing a very good job getting out there each day!

This is what we look like several times a week at the end of the day. Getting out there and getting it done!!!! I am so proud of my Trey pushing hard so we can run an awesome half marathon in November!

We are on the edge of our seats because we have a few more days of school............wow I need a summer break!!!

This week was a fun week at work because we had the chance to bring 80 cupcakes to our adopted school for Teacher Appreciation Week. Positive note was we didn't eat a single one!!!!

There were 8 tables set up like this and you had the chance to sample all types of different seafood. Lots of food tasting and a chance to chat with so many different people.

I was glad the event was inside but we had a bad rain storm to work our way through to get inside. We managed to stay dry for the most part. It was well worth it because there was great food and an awesome band waiting on us.

Of course as you saw in a previous post one of my highlights of the week was an award my company received for a project I was part of and the fact my family was able to see it.

A package full of love!

The sweet man you would ever meet!

Home for the summer! I can not believe her first year of college is over and only 3 left. Where does the time go!!!! She has big things ahead of her with a bright future.

Eddie and I were snapping this picture and it was cute how Trey had to jump in. He is just so cute!

My family means the world to me and the thought that went into this gift really touched my heart!

A couple of pictures of us from this weekend before heading out. I would like you to notice the kettle bell that I only saw in the picture as I was loading the pictures. See if on the left side of the picture with the blue part and black handle. I want you to know I keep it in the kitchen and while cooking I will pick it up and do a set of arm lifts then stir dinner and go another set! Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week I should have a great set of arms by the end of the month!!!!

Hope you have a great week!

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