Weekly Workout April 17th

Hope you had an awesome week with your fitness! Here is a look into mine.

Thursday, April 17th
Lunch- Office BBQ but only went with grilled chicken....and a very small amount of dessert.
Dinner- Grilled steak and 1/4 cup mashed potato's from home
workout- off

Friday, April 18th
Lunch- Healthy chicken egg rolls from home
Dinner- Dallas came home so we brought in pizza and wings. Complete cheat night! Complete cheat!
Workout- off

Saturday, April 19th
Lunch- grilled cheese sandwich with just a few chip. Fun Saturday at home lunch.
Dinner- small kids meal burger with fries since Dallas was home. I went with the kids meal which was good!
Workout- 1 mile run

Sunday, April 20th
Lunch- Zea's pesto crusted trout divided in half with grits. I boxed up half for dinner.
Dinner- left over from lunch where I split the meal to cut back portion size
Workout- 1 mile very slow run because I slammed my toe in a wall playing around with Trey. Its black and blue and hurts! I have always heard there is nothing you can do for a broken toe anyway but tape it. I must say this hurt more than anything and I fell to my knees as soon as my toe slammed into the wall. You could hear it crack! Still had a wonderful Easter.

Monday, April 21st
Lunch- grilled cheese from home
Dinner- grilled pork chops with BBQ sauce and corn from home
Workout- 3 mile run with Trey. I taped up my toe and pushed through.

This is an example after a hot run! Its starting to warm up fast.

This is my motivation, keeping up with a 12 year old boy!

I leave you with this weeks thoughts on items to take in for your protein and carbohydrates.
Here are some examples of lean protein and carbs that I have in my plan:

  • Tuna or most any fish. I do not eat tuna but if you do its an great item to keep on list.
  • Whey protein is what I use in all my protein shakes
  • Cottage cheese. I do not eat by itself but I use in waffles and protein shakes.
  • Eggs- especially the whites and its perfect to boil and eat as snack.
  • Chicken breast. I keep these on hand all the time.
  • Turkey breast. My husbands trainer told him about this and you can get it cut fresh in deli.
  • Lean beef. I love have taco meat several different ways from salad to wraps.
  • Low fat cheese. Again I only use this as a filler but you could eat on its own.
  • Low fat pork like a tenderloin or pork chops (never fried only grilled)
  • Sweet potatoes. We eat these in several different ways, mashed to cubes.
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Oat meal is great source with protein powder added.
  • Rice in small amount. Brown rice is better but I only like white rice.
  • Wheat bread sugar free style
  • Beans. I usually go with refried and black beans.
  • Low fat popcorn for snacking

Most important is lots and lots of water!!!!

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