Weekly Fitness Report March 29th

Lunch- Tropical Smoothie I had a protein smoothie with low calorie sandwich half.
Dinner- Homemade Taco Pie
Workout- off

Lunch- grilled chicken pita
Dinner- Buffalo Chicken Bake. I will post recipe soon.
Workout- 1 mile run

I love Sundays~ there is nothing more exciting than starting the morning off with church and then coming home to plan your week. Just knowing its a fresh start is great! New projects, diet meal plan to make up for any mistakes, new chance at workouts,  and all around new adventures!

Lunch- working meeting but did pretty good with salad and light pasta along with grilled chicken.
Dinner- homemade soft steak taco
Workout- rowing machine followed by kettle bell workout


off for everything due to dental procedure

Lunch- Business meeting which was a working lunch. I ordered chicken soft taco. Went with something soft since my mouth is healing from procedure.
Dinner- grilled steak at home with steamed broccoli and sweet potato chips
Workout- not today because really under the weather from dental work but tomorrow is a new day!

Lunch- grilled chicken salad
Dinner- attended an event but did good with roasted corn and a meat for protein
workout- Following dentist orders to not shake around. Imagine when you had your
wisdom teeth taken out and having stitches and trying to run several miles with your head shaking around! Good reason not to push the limits.

Lunch- homemade steak soft taco
Dinner- Pizza night but went light
Workout- Ran 3 miles

Considering I had dental work and could not push full force I am still happy. I really found ways to not eat out and that was a win! I booked our hotel for the half marathon today!! One more step towards the big day.

Hope you had a great week!

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