Weekly Fitness Update- April 12th

I hope you have had a great week with your fitness and here is a peak into my week!

Saturday, April 12th
Lunch- 1/2 turkey sandwich and smoothie
Dinner- 1 steak soft taco
Fitness- 1 mile run

I had to share these fun pants that I just love. They are so comfortable and you can not go any where without someone telling you how much they love them. You can see the layers of ruffles which make them so cute! Might not be for everyone but I love them. They are perfect for a Saturday afternoon of shopping.

Sunday, April 13th
Lunch- Grilled chicken and loaded small potato from home
Dinner- chicken Quesada
Workout- off

I must say Sunday has to be my favorite day of the week. I love Sunday morning church service, lunch, and then having the house clean and ready to start a new week! Its a chance to plan out a fresh week with your meal plan and workout schedule.

Monday, April 14th
Lunch- Seafood salad from home
Dinner- Grilled steak and vegetables from home
Workout- off

Tuesday, April 15th
Lunch- protein smoothie- made at work because I was on the go and didn't want to get fast food!!!
Dinner- Clean version of lasagna and side of corn from home
Workout- weights with legs at the gym.

Wednesday, April 16th
Lunch- seafood salad from home
Dinner- sausage on hot dog rolls from home
Workout- 3 mile run

Pleased with my goal this week of cutting out snacking. The important key is to have fresh and healthy snacks on hand so they are easy to grab instead of going for the junk items. This next week my goal is to add more weights into my schedule. The body burns more fat when it has more muscle. I love the look of defined muscles.

Hope you have an awesome and healthy week!
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