Weekly Fitness Report- April 5th

I am really getting a fitness routine down and my eating pattern is much better. Once you really start working out you have a mind set of automatically craving foods that are better for you. Now I am finding when I want something sweet I grab an apple or an orange. With that said I also do better having these items on hand instead of a candy bar sitting on the counter. I would certainly eat the candy bar if it was there but when its not I do much better. What are the chances that I am going to get dressed, drive in the car to the grocery store and pick up the junk food at 8:00pm!

Saturday, April 5
Lunch- homemade pizza bagel bites to keep it a little healthier.
Dinner- grilled mini chicken bbq sandwiches. I will post recipe. Also loaded mashed potatoes.
Workout- 3 mile run where Trey and I really pushed ourselves.

Sunday, April 6th
Lunch- left over mini chicken bbq sandwiches. No sides
Dinner- Tilapia fish and vegetable
Workout- off

Monday, April 7th
Lunch- Childs chicken meal (had lunch at Treys school with him)
Dinner- boiled shrimp and cup of gumbo from home
Workout- 2 mile run where I really pushed myself to run hard

Tuesday, April 8th
Lunch-  child's chicken and dumplings. Had a working lunch event.
Dinner- grilled chicken breast from home
Workout- off but did take the stairs at work during lunch 10 times. That's something because my day was packed!

Wednesday, April 9th
Lunch- grilled chicken and veg from home
Dinner- spaghetti with salad from home

Thursday, April 10th
Lunch- Had a business lunch but did awesome with a salad and soup. Then I packed half my soup and took it home to my husband.
Dinner- Was not very hungry so I had healthy version of 2 egg rolls.
Workout- off due to full day of work and exciting news.......bought a car!

Friday, April 11th
Lunch- Grilled chick fil a sandwich because we were tied up signing papers for car
Dinner- Friday night dinner out. Tried to stick with shrimp and a cup of gumbo
Workout- 3 mile light run

I feel I have met my goal that I put in place last week which was stop eating out as much as possible even though I have a very busy work schedule that calls for it a lot. Then if I do eat out I will pick from the healthy items on the menu. I feel I can say this is in place. There is always room for improvement but its on the right path.

How are you doing with not eating out?

This week my goal is to change what is between the lunch and dinner which would be any snacking. I work in a business were vendors bring snacks in all the time and around the clock. There are always donuts, cakes, and cookies in our kitchen. People bring in candy jars and sit around the office filled with the highest quality candy bars. So my goal this week it to really focus on healthy snacks!

How do you do with snacking?

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