Weekly Fitness Recap April 22 & Weight Loss

Hope your fitness and meal plan has been good the past couple of days! Good news, I have a 4 pound loss!!!! Here is a look into mine....

Tuesday, April 22
Lunch- Steak Soft Taco and chips/salsa
Dinner- Fish and corn from home
Workout- off but did took a vacation day to hang out with Trey and Eddie. We stayed pretty active, take a look!

I love this picture of us on the railroad tracks!

I love a picture on the rail road tracks. It seems symbolic and reminds me of my faith. As long as my faith is with my Lord, He has the tracks of my future laid out for me and We are going places! 

Walk back to our car I snapped this picture. He is one of the sweet people you would ever want to meet.

Wednesday, April 23
Breakfast- I am mixing it up with one morning having peanut butter toast and fruit instead of greek yogurt.
Lunch- Tilapia fish and a cupcake with my staff since its Administrative Assistant Day. Calories don't count for that right!
Dinner- Baked Salmon with Hoison Honey Sauce and a sweet potato from home.
Workout- 3 mile run

Thursday, April 24th

Lunch- salmon and sweet potato from home
Dinner- Whataburger kids meal.....sorry I was super busy and didn't plan well.
Workout- off

Friday, April 25th
Lunch- Pizza. No there is a good reason. I am part of Big Brother Big Sister program where you are matched with a little in need and the field trip for our adopted school was this day. Of course I had to have a piece of pizza with the kids. Sometimes its just not right to pull out a salad!
Dinner- Broccoli Steak from home.
Workout- Not a "real one" but I did go on a field trip with the Big Brother Big Sister program I am part of. This is where you agree to mentor a child and visit them once a week while they are in school to be a mentor to them. I help lead this for my company. Today was full of walking the farm.

This was my partner for the day, just one of the sweetest young ladies!

We had such a blast learning about the farm animals and showing our "Little's" the fun side to farm life.

I have had some great questions emailed to me and one of them was for me to give an example of my meal plan for the day.

So what does my daily meal plan look like or at least what I try to stick to.

6:00am  Coffee with French vanilla creamer and two splenda packets.

6:30 Greek yogurt or 1 piece of toast with peanut butter and fresh fruit

9:30 I will have what I didn't have for breakfast which would be greek yogurt or toast and fruit item.

12:30   4 oz. Lean protein and small amount of carb like rice or sweet potato.

3:00 p.m.  Protein shake

6:00 p.m.  Lean protein  and 1 cup veggies or small amount of carbs.

8:30 p.m.  Greek yogurt which I tell myself is ice cream.

This is my plan which I try very hard to work with everyday. Having your items on hand makes it so much easier. I hope this helps!

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