Runner Safety Tip

Just a reminder, my post are for the runners that are starting out later in life. This is not advice for the pro but just a simple working mom like myself that enjoys fitness but knows I will never be called for the top 3 runners in a race unless there are only three of us running and even then I will come in 3rd place!!!

With that said I want to share something that is important to me which is safety. This of course could be great advice for anyone.

My husband as many of you know is a police officer so my safety is always on his mind. I must say I love how sweet and caring he is! One of the best Lieutenants you will ever meet. He always has my safety on his mind. I have to brag on him for a minute. On his own he went out and purchased the items I am sharing with you just out of concern for my safety. He will even follow me while I train on long runs with water in his car on those hot days. He is just amazing and has never missed a running event that I have taken part in. He is always at the finish line cheering me on.

Eddie purchased this pepper spray for me and its perfect. I want to make it very clear I am not giving advice on what you should or should not carry. I am only sharing what I carry and you can put ideas together for what works for you. This spray is great because you can clip it on or strap it in your hand. Let me share with you how pepper spray saved me!

Two years ago when I started running I would run in the neighborhoods around my house. One day I took off out the front door and as I started up the street I heard Trey yell out that I forgot my jacket. This was my big heavy thick jacket that you would normally wear during the day but I thought it was so sweet he thought of me that I ran back to the house and took it. The temperature started dropping fast and I was actually glad I had it. After several miles I headed home and I put the hood on to help keep my ears warm. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two of the biggest dogs I had ever seen. The next thing I knew one of them went right for my arm. Thank goodness the jacket was thick and he was not able to tear into my skin but did tear the jacket. At the last minute I put my hand in my pocket and there was the spray. I was able to spray him good and I took off running. I was so upset and crying. I ran to several doors knocking and people would look out but no one answered to help me get away from the dogs. Of course the dogs ran away because of the spray but I wanted to be as far away as possible. I quickly called Eddie and he came to my rescue.  Thank goodness Trey ran out the front door and reminded me to take my jacket and thank goodness for Eddie putting spray in the pocket.  

Find one that fits good in your hand or gives you the option to clip on your running outfit.

I also carry a knife. I hope of course to never have to use it but in todays world you should have every opportunity to defend yourself. Again you need to only carry what you really feel comfortable with and check your local laws. I am sure we have all heard on the news at least once when a runner was attacked and you must be safe.

I normally clip this on the inside of my pants/shorts and it never gives me any issues.

Funny but maybe I am the only girl that finds it romantic when your husband buys you a knife and pepper spray!

When I run I use it as a time to escape from the "busy" world but it is so important to not escape reality. You should always know what is going on around you. Never have your music turned up to high. Allow yourself to hear if someone was to come up behind you. I also have a habit of cutting my eyes to the side as someone passes me just to make sure they keep walking/running.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Stay safe and run safe.

What do you carry to stay safe?



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