Movie and Dinner Night

Trey has a project each quarter at school and we have to visit three historic locations and write a report about it along with share photos. At first I was worried about how much time and work this would involve but I must tell you that we have had the best time working on these. This visit was for dinner in downtown Mobile and then a visit to our historic movie theater.

Just before going in for dinner.

The boys!

Downtown is always so windy since it runs along the waterfront but I could not pass up a photo with my love!

 Would you look at this, now that's Southern BBQ. I am happy to say I only ate a small portion since I am working on my fitness schedule!

Getting ready for the movie to start selfie!

I'm a little out of order but this was us after the movie. As you can see it does have that special historic feeling.

We arrived early so we ended up sitting in the recliners!!! What a fun opportunity.

A quick picture before going inside. We watched Divergent and really enjoyed it. On a side note, it really was not a Hunger Games. I found it to be different and really enjoyed it. The only part that was the same was there was a main female character. Worth seeing.

As you can see its a normal theater but smaller and there is only one theater room. They play the movie each day at 2:00 and 6:00 and the movie runs for about 2 weeks. They have of course updated it to todays world of movie theaters as far as the sound and screen.

Our very cool seats!

We really did have a blast!

Trey had the chance to take a photo behind the snack counter. I must tell you about the owner in the photo. He was so much fun. He welcomes you in the lobby and then speaks to you before the movie. He then runs up and starts the movie. If you want a snack its on the honor system and you pay him after the movie. They also offer beer and wine for those that would like it. I of course and just happy with CHOCOLATE! The front door is locked so you feel safe. Really the most fun!

I love his old fashion style photo he took! Looks like we really were in the 40's or 50's.

Here's to a fun night. I would recommend you find different locations in your city to explore!

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