Healthy Snack I Enjoy- Kind Bars

I have found the perfect snack to keep in my purse or in my desk draw for that time of day that you are so busy but need something to hold you over! I know we have all been there and these are perfect.

I picked up two different boxes. Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate plus protein and the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt.

Lets start with the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate plus Protein. This is very good and staying on my weekly must have grocery list. Its the perfect amount of dark chocolate and sweetness.

Above is a list of all the great benefits. 7 grams of protein on the go is great.

This is the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt. Again another item that will stay on my most have grocery list! Even though both of these have dark chocolate is only a small amount and is just enough to take the edge off. The sweet and salty is awesome!

You can purchase these almost anywhere but I found the box set of four at Target. They are perfect!

Which Kind bar do you enjoy? 

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