Awesome Running App of the Week

I want to share a great Iphone App that I really enjoy for running. Its called Runningclub and I believe it was free. This is a great way to have a running buddy that's on your schedule. Sometimes we are not and the same schedule as our  normal running buddy when training for an event but we need that motivation. It seems Trey and I really only get to take long runs together on the weekends so this is a big help for me.

Here is an idea of how it works. I keep all of my fitness apps in a Health folder so I can find them quickly.

Once opened you will find this screen. You will pick which type of activity you want to take part in.

Pick from walking, running, or cycling.

 Then you decide if you want to go solo or with a group. I always pick a group run.

Here you start your search. You could also create an event in hopes others will join you or just join an event someone else has already created.

I was looking for a 5k run. You can look by dates, friends, distance, and type of run.

I went in an did an open search for all runs and you can see it shared everything. Then you would just add yourself to the group.

This is an example of the cycle groups and activities that were coming up this weekend.

I love how the app has all the runners tracked and you know where you stand in the race/run. The little colored dots move as you run so you have an idea how much ahead or behind you are. It will tell you everything you need to know with pace, time, position finished, and distance.

At the end everyone is placed by when they finished. Talk about motivation to keep moving, this is it!

As you know Trey and I are training for our Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon which is in November so we went for a long run yesterday. That's another piece of advice, run with a 12 year old and you will find motivation!

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