Weekly Fitness Report March 25th

What on earth!!!! I start tracking my meals and workout plan and my schedule goes crazy. If there was ever a case study to watch as I learn how to make things work for someone trying to get back on a schedule to train for a half marathon and clean up my eating plan I would be that person.

As I started this challenge and plan to go back to training for half marathons I promised to keep it "real" as they say and tell you the truth. It helps to see how a working mom, wife, friend, faith filled person can make it work and I plan to get back to the place where I did make it WORK!

This is what a FAILED week looks like. I will be honest with one point, I do think when you start a plan to get yourself back on track your mind and body finds a way to rebel a little and I think these past four days was part of that. That's when you just tell yourself that today is a new day and start fresh or this is a new week and find a way not to repeat your mistakes.

My work schedule has picked up where I am working until late in the evening and attending a different function several days a week. What goes with functions but ........no other than food.

Tuesday, March 25
Lunch- Chic fil a sandwich (had lunch with Trey at school)
Dinner- Mexican night out. I did good with a soft taco but over board with chips and salsa!
Workout- weights for arms chest back

Wednesday, March 26
Lunch- foo chicken meal snack. (Had a working lunch and it was brought in)
Dinner -Godfathers pizza ( due to being at the office until 8:00)
Morning workout- weights for legs and cardio with elliptical on fat burn.

Thursday, March 27
Lunch- sub sandwich due to work event
Dinner- chicken strips (had to grab dinner to being at the office until 8:00pm)
Workout- elliptical fat burn and weights for arms and back

Friday, March 28
Lunch- had a lunch class meeting at a restaurant. Crab soup and a crab cake.
Dinner- church fish fry event
Workout- no workout due to day starting at 6:00am and ending at 7:00pm

Ok, this has to be a record for eating out the most times in a 4 day period. Lets just say I failed this week. My workouts were 3 out of 4 which was great but my meal plan was out the window. If I had one extra second it was spent at the gym and I never found the time to grocery shop or make pre made meals.

So this week my goal is to have all meals planned and purchased. My husband is more than happy to cook when I cant so we put a schedule in place to help with. If I must eat at a function I will eat as light as possible and follow it at home with a salad.

The lesson learned these past four days is ....plan plan plan!!!

I would really like to know the answer, how often do you find yourself eating fast food during the week because of your schedule?

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