Weekend Visit for Sorority Parents Day

We had a fun weekend because we had the chance to visit Dallas for sorority Parents Day at college. During the event they had a "make your own ice cream bar" which is always a fun idea.

The girls have been hard at work this year. I am so glad that Dallas has had the opportunity to take part in all of the activities. They really are such a hard working group of girls.

Eddie, Trey, and I were very excited to see Dallas.

Selfie time!

My sweet angels!

Here is the best story of the day. There was a raffle and when the three of us walked by to see all the prizes there was a scarf I really wanted. Trey told me he was going to win it for me and guess what.....he did! When they called out his name and he walked up to pick it up all the college girls said, "Ohhhhhhhhh so sweet." He was so excited he won it for me!

Then we had lunch before heading back. Mexican is always a winner.

I love anytime they leave markers on the table to draw. It reminds me of the teenage years! We only have a week left and we get to have Dallas home for Spring Break. We are looking forward to lots of movie nights and a fun time.
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