March 21-24 Weekly Report

Every morning is the same for me so I am not going to note it everyday unless something is different. I have a greek yogurt and a piece of fruit. Honestly most of the times I am in such a rush I am lucky to get that. I am still working on a way to put better protein in my breakfast meal. The ideal solution would be oatmeal with protein powder but I don't love oatmeal. I am working on it though.

My mid day 10:00 snack is apple with some type of protein. My protein is usually about 4 oz of meat or chicken.

My 3:00 snack is the same which is either a muscle milk drink or a homemade smoothie with protein powder.

I will be sure to log lunch and dinner since that will be different each day along with my workout.

Friday, March 21
Ran 2 miles
Lunch- grilled chicken with sweet potato
Dinner- grilled fish with grilled shrimp and potatoes

Saturday, March 22
Off day
Lunch- Healthy version of chicken egg rolls. (I ate these to help finish them off so I would not waste as we start fresh)
Snack- I was throwing items out to start fresh and I ate 1/4 cup of Girl Scout Mint Ice Cream. NO EXCUSE for that bad choice.)
Dinner- I did what we all fall into. I already ate the ice cream excuse and I haven't had a chance to run to the grocery store so why not grab something fast! See I was honest and this day is done as bad as it was with my meal plan!

Sunday, March 23
15 minutes on fat burn cycle of elliptical.
Weights for legs
(That was it for my workout today because as I am finding my way and getting back on track I did not eat a big enough lunch to push me through a workout so I was pretty light headed.)
Breakfast- Weight Watchers Ricotta Pancakes Recipe here
Lunch- Steak soft taco because we were in a rush to get to track practice after church. I was proud that I went light but I should have eaten at least two.
Dinner- Green beans, BBQ Grilled Pork Chops, roasted sweet potato bites
snack- 60 calorie pudding and 10 mini pretzels with peanut butter 150 calories. This was at two different times of the day. I am also working on that in between snacking!

Monday, March 24
Breakfast- Weight Watchers Ricotta Pancakes. Recipe here
Lunch- grilled chicken stuffed pita with an apple
Dinner- grilled chicken, sweet potato bites
No work because the day was so busy. When I look back I still should have found something to do at home. Kettle bell, fitness dvd, treadmill, Pilates machine, weights, walk the neighborhood, there is plenty of things I could have picked for a 30 minute workout! No star points for today!

This is going to be a fun adventure getting myself back on track!
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