Its the Small Things That Make You Smile

Let me start by saying I have been doing a great job getting back to my running, eating right, and working out. I will share more about that soon but today I had to share my new purchase that put a big smile on my face.

I am sure you have seen from a previous post that we are doing some upgrades and updates in our home. A few weeks ago I posted that we put in new hardwood floors in our foyer and dining room. See our floors below.

I still have not decided if I will be placing an area rug down because right now I just love the wood floors.

My new update was our dishwasher which we replaced it with a new stainless steel one. Here is a look at the before. It was a white 1998 original to our home. Really time for a new update! I will make a side note that it really hung in there for us and lived a very good life.

Here is a look at the new dishwasher! I am so excited, its as if I have a new diamond ring!

I was so excited about finding anything that needed to be washed. The stainless steel just looks amazing along with all of the other appliances. The only item left is my stove which is one I am so excited about. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I have it in place by Easter!!!  

This model is a Whirlpool and the plumber that installed it shared with us what a great model it is. It has a built in sensor to save on water and know what size your load is. Its a very quiet model. There are more and more features that just make it awesome.

It is ready for lots of baking so I need to get busy searching Pinterest for new recipes! After the stove the next update will be granite counter tops with a stone back splash. I love when we make these changes it turns the house into our home!

One happy household!

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