A Look at My Work Out Today

As I have mentioned I am back in the gym. I am working hard to have the perfect arms and back with summer right around the corner. Here is a look into some of the ways I worked out today. Of course I use several other machines and weights but this is just a few.
   A lot of back exercises also work your biceps and this is one of them.
8 reps with 4 sets
Weight -

This is a great exercise too- watch your posture during the exercise. You can quickly find yourself bent over pulling in the wrong way.

8 reps and 4 Sets

HYPER EXTENSIONS These are great for your lower back.  You can do this exercise without any weight, just your body bending down and coming back up.  I hold a weighted pound plate at my chest.
Four sets of 8 reps.


I love this machine when I have the opportunity to go with Eddie to his gym. I can only use the bar without adding weight and still get a powerful workout.   I hope to reach the point I can add additional weight to the bar.
8 reps with 4 sets

I also spend my 30-45 minutes working other machines that can work my back, chest, and arms. I try to work this muscle group 2 times a week.

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