Wrap Up of Valentines Day

Here are a few more gifts I gave Eddie for his 14 Days of Valentines. He had so much fun with this!

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Then for day 12 and 13 I purchased him a shirt and pair of pants from Under Armour. It was so sweet because he wanted the cute little homemade card that went with it. He is so sweet that something homemade from the heart is so special to him.

Cheese dip by candle light is truly wonderful! On Friday Eddie and I both picked up a cold :( so we really didn't want to be out to long. We were more into the idea of a blanket and a movie at home on the couch which really sounded great! We went for a quick bite of Mexican and then home. We really did have a great time cold and all!

Dinner in Mexico.....well something like it!

He did a great job with Valentines Day and it meant so much!

Nothing better than getting out there for an afternoon run!

Hope you have a great weekend!
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