What a Difference New Lighting Makes In Guest Bedroom

I am not ready to share the complete room makeover because we still need to paint and add a few more touches with accessories. I do want to share the new light fixture we put up this week. It makes such a difference and I love it.

You can see the big white fan...it just wasn't the look I wanted.

Here is the before with the ceiling fan. One item I want to mention is all the furniture was a separate project I took on and painted. I love how it turned out but I will share that in a separate post. You can see the ceiling fan just didn't add the warm feeling I wanted for guest.

When I first opened the box and say that I had to put this together piece by piece I really thought I made a mistake.....yiks!!!

All the jewels were wrapped up and they even gave me white gloves to wear which I could not wear. When you try to put the wire and little jewel together the gloves made that a little hard.

Once it was up, I loved it!

It is so soft and elegant and even better in person. Remember I will be painting the room a gray tone and possibly stenciling the back wall.

I will talk more about the furniture later but I painted each piece to go with my gray, black, and white theme.

I love finding elegant pieces to add that special touch.

I was really happy when I found my silver lamp for the desk. Its perfect with the silk lampshade and silver base. The desk is also one of the pieces I panted to match the set.

I love the area rug that site in front of the love seat and bench in front of the bed. I was thinking about going with a large rug but I really liked this one.

One other piece that I was so happy to find was this chair. Its the perfect pieces with the silver tacks on the backing.

The window seat is completed and I found the perfect pillows from Pier 1 during the holidays but I love how they look and will keep out all year.

I will share more later when we complete the painting and find the finally pieces but I did want to share that lighting makes all the difference!

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