Teenage Boys Bedroom Makeover

When we moved into our home I was very excited to see that the little boys room was perfect for Trey because at the time he was 5 and the little footballs and sports items for the border was very cute. He is now almost 13 so its time for an upgrade. The problem is the border ran in the middle of the wall and since it has been up since 1997 it wasn't going to be easy to come off.

I had my work cut out for me to figure this one out! I wanted to paint the room but there really was no way I could get the wall 100% smooth and not have the previous line show.

The tear down was started and it was a challenge.

The good news was I had my straight line already in place. All that was needed was to tape it off and start painting. Of course that was after I wiped the walls down with a clean semi wet cloth.

I would recommend painting then taping over the fresh paint once it dries so you do not have to keep a fine line for this first step.

I taped the border line and started painting in the lines. It really was a little harder than just painting in the lines but I had the perfect layout.

Such a clean sharp look!

The theme of the room is done with airplanes. I love the look it gives and its perfect for his growing years.

This is one of the last items on the order list which will hang across from the bed. I love the finished look and best of all so does Trey!

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