Snow in the Deep South

This is a first for us..............3 days of no school or work because we are snowed in or better know as everything covered in ice!

 It started with a warning of snow and ice coming our way and thank goodness we went to the grocery store fast because by the end of the night we saw our friends posting pictures like this on Facebook. The bread was almost all gone at the grocery store.

We have had the best time staying home and being together. We were very blessed that we have had power, satellite, and Internet to keep us busy. Here are a few pictures from our adventure with the snow.

I love this picture because Eddie really wasn't into come outside and was enjoying the electric blanket and movies more than freezing outside. I can completely understand since I am posting this just after the storm and he was on duty today for the worst par to of it. He spent hours in the cold trying to patrol as so many in our city wanted to go site seeing and have never driven on ice before. It was a crazy day out there!

Treys first snow ball! It was really more of an ice ball. Believe me I know because he asked if he could throw a snow ball at me and of course I said yes because that's where the fun is. When he throw the first one at me I realized it was not a snow ball fight. I have it on video and we still laugh every time we watch it.

The front of our drive way has a hill and since it was covered in snow and ice we were definitely staying inside and not going out to drive.

Snow ball fun!

This was just as it was starting, the yard isn't covered just yet.

The neighbors house at the end of the street was so pretty with the snow all over. You can see that the road was covered in ice. This made for a bad situation because down in the south we do not know how to handle ice on the roads. Its a mad house!

The strange part was the texture. It looked like snow but was really more of an ice. Instead of stepping on snow you stepped on cracking ice. It had the look of snow but was so slippery!

This was just as everything started before the ground was really covered.

Treys first snow ice angel!

Treys snow ball looked more like a snow baby that we were holding.

I loved seeing the snow on the steps.

We made snow ice angels but I was only this brave.....

I loved walking through the house and seeing the snow outside, it was just a beautiful sight!

The fun part was taking the dogs out during the night....burr it was cold!

The snow was so pretty at night as the light hit it.

It was so dark and slippery we all needed flash lights. Also the funny part was you knew there was something exciting if it took three of us to take the dog out for a potty break!

This is something that will probably not happen again for several years. It was actually a first for me and I have lived here for over 37 years. I am sure those of you who have seen snow might be thinking we are a little to excited but it was so much fun! Here's to our 2014 snow days!!!

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