Saturday Recap

Trey and I set out on Saturday to work on a school project where we must visit three historic locations and take photos and report on it. We had such a fun day and here is a look into our day.

We started at a local Catholic Monastery where the Sisters live on the grounds. It is stunning and such a peaceful place.

The stain glass windows were gorgeous.

I loved these wood doors. They were very heavy solid wood doors.

We were so excited we had the chance to visit the inside of the chapel.

The gate entrance was so nice. This is off a busy street but the minute you enter there is such a peace you can feel. Its just beautiful and I would love to visit more often. They had a bench that I could easily find myself very happy sitting on with a great bible study.

To think that the sisters were behind these doors was just amazing. The beauty of the grounds was really something. I would have loved to have had the chance to go inside their living quarters.

Trey even picked his grandmother up a statue of Mary.

Then we were off to the Oakleigh Mansion in our historic area of town.

The Oaks on the grounds are some of the original trees from the early 1800's. Just amazing history.

Then it was time for a break and we went to Starbucks. Trying to stay healthy I picked up a non fat with no whip white chocolate mocha and Trey picked up his favorite Naked Mango drink.

We made a stop at the Ann Taylor Outlets and find some great new items. Here are two of the items I picked up which I wanted to wear to church before the weather changes. They have an amazing sale going on so if you have an Ann Taylor Outlet I would visit soon!

I had a birthday gift card and award points to use and I did awesome with my shopping deals. I picked up a pair of pants, sweater, scarf, cardigan, and three shirts. The best part is everything goes with so many different pieces so its like 100 different outfits!

I love the brown long cardigan which goes perfect with pants, jeans, or leggings. The scarf was something I picked up at the last minute because they had it sitting in a basket at the register. It was an extra 50% the already clearance marked price. I could not pass it up since it went with several of my other pieces. I cant wait to share those also.

I have loved wearing my scarf long with several of my outfits instead of wrapping it up. I think it gives a completely different look to your outfit for both a casual and dressy look.

I also picked up the pants I have on which are a pant that look like jeans and jeans that look like pants. I love them!!! The sweater, scarf, and pants paired perfect with my little brown clutch and brown Tory Burch wedge shoes. I cant wait to share the other items I picked up because they are so cute! Check the Outlet out today!

We had such a fun Saturday. Even if you don't have a project I would still highly recommend taking a day to explore your city and take photos. We just had a blast and looking at historic sites or landmarks cost us nothing, just the gas to drive around. Find something for you and your kids to explore! You could even make it a "date day" with your spouse.

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