Panini Sandwich with William Sonoma Spreads

I love making a Panini Sandwich and there are so many different ways you can put one together. This week I found two new spreads from William Sonoma that I knew I had to try. They are both good but the Meyer Lemon Horseradish sauce was our favorite. The other sauce was a Parmesan Artichoke.

Here is what I did to make our two sandwiches. Sandwich one:

I purchased one pound of the London Broil from Publix Deli along with 1/2 pound of horseradish cheese from Publix. The horseradish cheese was amazing! I use an Italian bread from the bakery at Publix which they slice the loaf for me. Spread the horseradish sauce on and layer the meat and cheese.

I cook them on my Panini maker that you can also purchase from William Sonoma or use a regular pan. This is one of the best sandwiches you will ever eat!

With the Artichoke spread I use the same bread and take the Publix Turkey and use a new cheese I found which is a Butter Cheese. It is also in the Publix Deli. It melts like silk and is very good! Hope you enjoy one of these two great sandwiches.
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